Why should I join the Healthier Catering Award?

The Greater Manchester Healthier Catering Award recognizes those catering businesses that have a national Food Hygiene score of 3 or more and have demonstrated a commitment to offering healthier foods by reducing the level of saturated fat, sugar and salt in the food and drinks sold. In gaining the award you can…
• Show that you are compliant to a set standard for food hygiene and that your customers can select some healthy menu items too.
• Contribute to the health and well-being of the local community
• Increase profits for your business as increasing numbers of customers choose to have healthier lifestyles.
Businesses that achieve the award will receive a certificate and sticker to display, and receive local publicity.

What do I have to do to join?

To join you simply have to register your interest using the online contact form on this website or by contacting the award lead in your authority. They will then contact you to arrange a visit to discuss your menu and catering practices and if needed will offer advice to help you achieve the award.

If a catering establishment isn't listed, does that mean it doesn't offer healthy food?

The Greater Manchester Healthier Catering Award scheme is entirely voluntary; therefore if an establishment does not display the window sticker, certificate or are not listed on this website, it does not mean they do not offer healthy food. If you think a food business should be recognised for the healthy food they offer you can nominate them for the award by contacting the award lead for your local authority.

Why does my local fish and chip shop have a Healthier Catering Award?

Fish and chips, and other takeaway foods, can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet, especially from those premises who have achieved the GM Healthier Catering Award. A portion of fish and chips can be made healthier by frying at the correct temperatures, using thicker cut chips, using the right type of oil and correctly maintaining the oil. Where premises have achieved the GM Healthier Catering Award, they will receive posters which outline their healthier catering practises to be displayed for customers to see.

Does the award cost anything?

The award scheme is free to join.

Will healthier choices cost caterers more money?

Where possible any recommendations will be cost neutral i.e. switching products to healthier options, or cost saving i.e. offering smaller portions, using less salt or oil in cooking etc.

How long does the award last?

The award lasts 2 years when it will be reassessed. If within that time a re-score of your food hygiene falls below your original score, or if a new business operator comes into place, your award may be withdrawn.

How do I ensure I do not offend people when promoting healthier options?

It is important that all customers are aware of your healthier options available and by promoting healthier options as standard to all customers’ means this practice becomes common place.

Will making healthier changes affect how my food tastes and therefore my custom?

The Greater Manchester Healthier Catering Award is not about drastically changing your menu. It aims to help businesses provide healthier versions and promote the healthier options of the dishes available on current menus. Any changes which we recommend will be small changes such as frying at the correct temperatures, using the right type of oil or adding a portion of fruit or vegetables. These changes will help deliver health benefits to your customers while they still enjoy the great taste.